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Since it’s getting so close to launch time for a client of mine, I thought I’d share a little insight into the process before everything is released and out there! Scout Lifestyle is a new online brand that will sell modern day bedding + textiles that are absolutely beautiful. Seriously. Alex came to me at the very beginning of her process and was so passionate about creating a brand that truly reflected her products. In contrast to the last process shot I shared with you ( two distinct directions ), we knew that for THIS identity, we wanted something very simple + modern. And because of this, the presented options ( some shown above ) weren’t as starkly different, but more of an exploration in variations. Honestly, it came down to typography. Condensed or not. We also made sure each option had a little edge to it in terms of details.

Scout Process | Breanna Rose

In the end, you can see which option we went with by visiting their coming soon page. It’s amazing how such a simple brand can be paired with a fun mark + pattern to make it feel complete. The color certainly helps, too! The good news is that unlike most process projects I put up on the blog, this one is ALMOST ready to launch. I just received a link to the test website this week and everything is looking so killer and ready to go – I can’t wait to share it with you all!! I promise to share more as soon as that comes around. Plus, it’ll be a fun new shop for those of you who are looking to spruce up your own home. Promise!

  1. Kerry Rose says:

    it comes as no surprise that this is looking so great…i really love the greens. i can’t wait to see it all together and complete! & i shall add them to my list of online shops :)

  2. I definitely need to learn to think about all of those things that are not really part of the logo itself but create an amazing “energy” (if I may put it like that) when you see it as a whole.
    And also, how amazing that the brand has now kind of it’s own pattern ! Really cool for marketing ;)

    • breanna says:

      Love that you called it “energy” – Makes total sense! But yes, this pattern really influence a lot of our build out materials, which has been fun to work with. :)

  3. I love the pastel colors! Absolutely stunning, as always…. :]

    • breanna says:

      Thank you! I love this palette, too, and am glad we went with it. My favorite part is how the mustard color kicks it up a notch.

  4. Vanessa says:

    These look so great, I love the final direction and that coming soon page is beautiful.

  5. Jin says:

    I always look forward to your process posts. Love the pattern + logo combo. Can’t wait for the site launch! I also really like the first logo option, simple but striking. :)

    • breanna says:

      Oh – thank you so much! You know what, that first shot was actually one of my personal favorites going into the initial presentation, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. BUT, now that we’ve settled onto a brand and build it out into print + web, I couldn’t imagine going any other way than what we did end up choosing. Funny how that works out. :)

  6. Laura says:

    I always love seeing your process posts! I never know how your clients decide with such a variety of interesting options. I love the soft colors of this one paired with the strong text. Can’t wait to see the finished website!

  7. Maira says:

    Stunning, as always!

  8. Looove that pattern. Ties it all togetha!

  9. Noor says:

    I love the play on the o’s in the first two, so creative. I always love when you show your work and process. Thank you for sharing an they are perfect and gorgeous as always.

  10. Frances says:

    Awesome designs; thanks for showing some of your process! Do you sketch out ideas in a sketchbook before transferring them to digital format?

  11. Angel Y. says:

    I think the pattern really brings the brand together! Great work as always. :)

  12. Shayla says:

    Beautiful job as always Breanna!
    Just wanted to let you know that the Twitter and Facebook icon links are not working. The Twitter link doesn’t work at all, meaning it doesn’t take you anywhere and the Facebook link takes you to Facebook but not their company Facebook page. :)

  13. […] been driving me nuts not sharing it with you all. If interested, you can see some of the process right here. And of course, a big thank you to Zoe Rooney for making the website come to life! Feel free to […]

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