Green + The Grain Process | By Rowan Made

It’s been forever and a day since I shared a series of process shots with you all, but I’m back with a fun one! Green + The Grain is a food truck in Minneapolis that will be opening up a retail space in the skyways downtown this summer, so I was all ears when Tiffany emailed me about giving their brand a refresh. The above compositions are a very good representation of the direction we wanted to go: modern. We’re pairing this look with a warmer palette, and their retail space will also have wooden accents, so those two things together will help soften the overall tone a bit. The final direction is somewhat similar to the top right shot, and the website is currently under development, so I’ll have so much more to share with you in June!

  1. Anna Z says:

    I love your simplistic style. Always have!

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