The Rose Shed Design Process | By Rowan Made

I love sharing process posts with you all. :) I have some cool projects in the works right now, but since this particular one is about to wrap up, I thought I’d share some examples of where we’ve been! The Rose Shed is Rachel Husband’s floristry business in the UK and she’s been an absolute delight to work with. Seriously. Together, our goal was to rebrand her business into a more editorial and sophisticated, yet femme ethos. And the modern serif typography, paired with a lighter palette does just that. Looking back through my sketches, I realized that I never shared her original moodboard with you, so I’ve included that below as well. It’s a favorite of mine!

The Rose Shed Moodboard | Curated by Rowan Made

The branding is officially finalized (hint hint, we landed on the top option) and her website is about to go into development, so I’m THISCLOSE to sharing the whole shebang with you all. Plus, you gotta love when you’re given gorgeous photos full of florals to work with. Kinda made me want to change careers? Okay not really, but the thought did cross my mind. I suspect that I’ll be rolling out some new designs very shortly (and sharing more about some of my new design process), so keep checking back. ;)

  1. Lovely mood board! A beautiful, cohesive brand :)

  2. Ashlee says:

    Lovely work as usual! When I see posts like this it makes me excited about design again. It’s easy to lose that excitement fresh out of college, especially when you’re designing at two more-corporate-than-creative 9-5 jobs.

    Such beautiful work/moodboard! I can’t wait to see the finalized product!


  3. Chloe says:

    Such a lovely, sophisticated colour palette!

  4. Thrudy says:

    Lovely Breanna, thanks for sharing real work. I’m currently getting back into design after having a baby and your blog has been such a bible to me. I checked out rowan made and I’m obsessed! You probably have a long list of things to write about on the blog but wondering if you’d share your small client resources? That has been one of my major obstacles when designing collateral as most local printers don’t want to print/offer good prices for small businesses. So my clients are usually stuck with pre-made cards, etc.
    Thank you!

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