I decided to change things up a little bit this week. Instead of pulling a layout from one of my favorite online magazines, I chose a spread/layout from a reputable website. Madewell.com has been doing some really fun things on their website. It doesn’t matter if you design for the web or for traditional print mediums, the basics of graphic design apply to both.

Don’t forget to stop over to my blog, Veda House for Bre’s post with some great tips and inspiration!

  1. Alex says:

    so funny to see something I’ve worked on being recreated! cute remake! (the font you substituted futura for is actually garage!)

  2. Emmadime says:

    MMmm I like this one a lot*** Good work Alex.

  3. bre says:

    LOVE that you switched this up cassie. I may have to do that here in the near future. :) xoxo.

  4. joannegarcia says:

    i love Madewell … I can totally understand why you’d use it as a jumping point for design inspiration!

    so great!

  5. Thank you so much for the tips
    Your graphics are always BRILLIANT

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