Well folks, I’m back! We drove from Phoenix to Minneapolis over the past 6 days and stopped at loads of places. I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves. My favorite is the last photo, from Maroon Lake in Colorado. So beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed all the lovely guest bloggers last week while I was away. I’m so thankful they were around to help me out! Now, back to a routine + work, ehh?

  1. Ciara says:

    Welcome back! Those photos are beauuutiful! I would have loved to see those canyons. Was it really hot?

    • bre says:

      Thanks, girl!! It WAS really hot. 105 in Arizona and about 90 when we hiked through the Grand Canyon, yikes! Colorado was more manageable though. ;)

  2. Kate says:

    These photos are beautiful! I really want to take a road trip like that sometime, it looks like so much fun!

  3. EMMADIME says:

    Gorgeous B.
    So glad you’re back :)
    Cheers to vacations!!
    ( even if they are not what you expected, wink )


  4. noelani says:

    that last photo is amazing!

  5. Leanda says:

    Welcome back Bre and glad to see you had a wonderful relaxing time! Amazing landscapes! Your guests did a grand job too :)

  6. Jo says:

    Hey, welcome back! That trip looks phenomenal – I am quite jealous ;) I loved your guest bloggers too, it was a lot of fun to read all the different posts. Oh, and these photos blow my mind. Yup!

  7. Trina says:

    looks like you guys had a great time…ahh I’m so missing AZ right now. It’s so beautiful!
    xo . t

  8. Samantha says:

    These photos are AWESOME, Bre!

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