Michael and I headed out just as it began to snow on Friday afternoon to take a few new portraits for my new portfolio ( which will launch in the next week or two ) and faced the cold head on. I was feeling pretty bummed that I didn’t have as many outdoor shoot locations to choose from since we’re in winter mode over here, but I couldn’t be happier with the sweet forest spot we sought out.

The above are just some instax photos from our little treck in the woods. The funny thing is that we took them during the afternoon, so I’m not quite sure why it turned out so dark. I’m thinking the flash caught the snowflakes ( since they are so bright in the pictures ) or I was on the wrong setting. I got my instax a month or so ago and haven’t had a lot of time to play around. Any tips for getting nice & bright photos when there isn’t any sun?? These look like mystical night time photos, so I’m alright with them anyway!

  1. I love those photos and how they turned out! I have a camera I need to play around with as well.
    I’m excited to see your portfolio!


    • bre says:

      Thank you! At first I was so bummed they were so dark, but then embraced it. ;) Can’t wait to launch my portfolio – happy some people are excited! Thanks for stopping by. xx.

  2. joy @ OSS says:

    love these! i’m so jealous. i love quite up north in the US in MA but there’s still no snow. DAMN YOU GLOBAL WARMING!

    • bre says:

      I feel ya … when I was little, I remember having snow sometimes as early as October, but the past few years we’ve had to HARDCORE wait. Crazy crazy.

  3. Rashi says:

    Ah! I have the same problem with my Instax camera. The shots come out way too dark or way too blown out. Can’t seem to figure out if its my camera or just the environment I’m shooting in! Let me know if you get any answers.

  4. Caroline says:

    The flash caught the snowflakes (your hunch was tight) that is why they are super bright. But you can force the instax to overexpose if you change the settings to the cloudiest day or indoor setting setting. I always overexpose it a little bit because that is the look that I like. Hope that makes sense? x

    • bre says:

      Yes! Caroline! Thank you! That’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure. I was trying to think of the four settings in terms of aperture, but wasn’t sure if my thoughts were right or not. I was too scared to move the dial to “indoor,” although that probably would have overexposed it for the better, the more I think about it.

      I like instax’s that are more exposed, so I think I’ll take you up on that tip. Thank you!

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