I promised you all that I would talk about my whole re-branding process, switching from Moxee to just Breanna Rose. I’ve talked about inspiration, colors, and typography, but wanted to bring up some important things I found while researching social media. When you go through a name change, you have to take think about all of your accounts. After all, I wouldn’t want my twitter or pinterest still calling me moxee, would I?? Nope! Turns out, going through all these changes aren’t as bad as one may think. Let’s break down some of the biggest social media outlets, shall we??

TWITTER : Twitter is the biggest platform I use not only for communicating with my readers, but in general. Turns out you can easily change your user + display name here, all in your personalized settings. After you switch, you’ll want to send out a tweet showcasing your new twitter handle. In fact, you may want to do this a couple times, spanned throughout a couple of days, so as many of your followers see it as possible.

FACEBOOK : Facebook is another large communication platform, but unfortunately, they’re not as friendly with changing your name. If your facebook fanpage has more than 100 “likes,” then you’re out of luck and your name cannot be changed. You’ll have to start over! This has been the only hurdle I could find in my research. I know I’ll have to start fresh on facebook, but there are always ways of redirecting your visitors there via tweets, old facebook page posts, and much more! Get creative.

BLOGLOVIN : I know bloglovin isn’t as popular as twitter, facebook, or other readers, but I’ve certainly found it to be key in communicating new posts with readers. There’s a huge audience over there just waiting for you to tap into. Unfortunately, in your personalized settings, you can’t just go in and change your name + RSS feed. The good news is that if you contact support, they’ll do it for you!!

PINTEREST : The bad news here is that sources to your old posts won’t direct to your new blog. However, if you’d like your username to match, that’s easy! Simply head on over to your settings to change all that.

Hope this helps give a little insight as to what happens when all of your usernames need to change for that cohesiveness factor! Oh, and those colors used above in the photo are from my new color palette. Sneak peek!

  1. Whitney says:

    I wish I had know the bit about Bloglovin! I started all over on there and lost everyone, which really sucked.

  2. Mailinh says:

    That is the downside to FB. They make it permanent. But I guess they want you to start with a “blank page.” Can’t wait for it all to come together. :)))

  3. so helpful! and im so glad my go to girl knows all the stuff! :) loves my dear…and im so sorry i STILL have not emailed you back…just realizing that…eek, i will go do that now!!

  4. Jasmine says:

    hmm interesting! I’m in the process of changing my blog name and this is very helpful :) Thanks!

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