I will often browse the internet for hours on end to find new + fun fonts that I don’t yet have. It’s a huge plus when they’re nicely done AND free. So, I wanted to share a few with you all that I think look lovely together or on their own. The first is a dainty script font called sofia, while the second is a sturdy slab serif called bree serif.

The main reason they work together so well is their differences. Because bree is so strong, sofia can have all that fun up there. But seriously guys, picking out fonts that match each other is really fun … you should try it sometime!

  1. Shauna Nep says:

    Hi Bre!
    I thought I would leave a comment since I’ve become a daily reader of your beautiful blog. I can’t stress how helpful both MOXEE and your column on the veda house have been for me (I’m slightly design-challenged). Your blog is absolutely beautiful, and has brightened up my mornings! Thank you! xx Shauna

    • bre says:

      hey shauna,
      thanks for your super kinda words and for stopping by so often. :) hoping to help and inspire as much as i can!! xo.

  2. athena p says:

    LOVE this. The color> the gold dots, the mix of fonts. LOVE it. xo

  3. Cassie says:

    Thanks bre! I love the Sofia font. Going to download OTF now!

    • bre says:

      YES!! look for one called “sail” too … similar but a little more weight variation. from the same site!! :) xoxo.

      ( i had a hard time deciding between sofia and sail for this post! )

  4. Marta says:

    You are right, they work together so nicely. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Dennise says:

    yay! thanks so much! i’m always on the lookout for great free fonts! xo

  6. joannegarcia says:

    I love pretty fonts! Thanks for the share :)

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