I have happily stumbled across one of the most simple shops I’ve ever seen, called COS. Their products are very basic in feel and are rarely complicated in nature. And to further their minimal flair, the colors are often muted – minus a few POPS of color here and there. Like those socks!! They are maybe the daintiest thing I’ve seen and just had to share. Let’s face it, I’ll always be a fan of simplicity. Who’s with me??

  1. Nesha says:

    Cos is one of my favorite shops, they have a huge Cos store in my city. As well as selling beautiful women’s clothes, their men’s range is simply irresistible too. Me + the boyfriend + Cos = LOVE!

  2. ADELA says:

    i love COS!! so much so that i used to work there until very recently ;)

  3. Jade Sheldon says:

    Oh yes, simplicity can just be so beautiful…

  4. Malin says:

    They have wonderful clothes! Did you know that it’s a Swedish Brand from the owner of H&M?

  5. claire says:

    cos is one of the best shops ever. they have great jewellery and leather goods too. you just reminded me how much i miss it now that i don’t live in the UK!

  6. taste area says:

    cos = best quality/best price/gorgeous design clothes. I love. one of my favorite stores,ever.

  7. chantelle says:

    Great find! Definitely bookmarking it for future online shopping sprees. I love basics….especially anything that increases my collection of white tops. I know I’m overboard with it, but let’s get serious. White goes with everything.

  8. els says:

    my favourite shop – 90% of my clothes is a cos find…

  9. Jo says:

    Yep, I love COS too! About half my wardrobe is COS (in fact, probably more than that!). I love it – and they do beautiful leather pieces too – my wallet and business card holder are from there… think I’m a little obsessed…ha!

  10. Sally says:

    yup – one of my favourite shops for simple basics, they do really lovely accessories too! and i love the way they use little pops of colour.

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