The life of a freelancer is chaotic, I tell ya. It’s taken me a good solid year to develop my own process, organizational tools, and routine. And guess what?? It’ll problem keep evolving! I thought I’d share the three biggest programs I use to keep everything in check. Seriously, they’re life savors.

1. GMAIL : Personally, I don’t use my mac’s mail app or any other secondary apps to manage email … I know there are some great ones out there, but I like to keep things simple and Gmail is visually appealing to me. I use a combination of colored labels, folders, and my inbox zero policy to keep things smooth.

2. IWORK’S NUMBERS : This is my freelance project management tool of choice, hands down. I’ve tried several other programs, but nothing was customizable to the way I work on a daily basis. With numbers, I developed a template that follows a client’s project from inquiry to contract to development to final payment and beyond. Other programs had they’re own way and I wanted to dictate exactly how things worked from start to finish. I have charts, tables, and everything I need all in one place!

3. TEUX DEUX : I’m a big fan of taking things one day at a time. If I were to focus on the big picture and all of my deadlines, I’m sure my head would explode. Teux Deux does a fantastic job at laying out one week, or one day, in front of you. Simply write down what needs to be done and cross it off when finished. It’s the simplest “to-do” like app that I’ve found and I’m a sucker for good design, so it quickly became my favorite! Plus, everything is saved online and you can purchase their app as well – which allows your list to be at your fingertips.

  1. Cassie says:

    I totally have a love affair with Teux Deux. Ever since using it, I’m not sure how life would be without it. Haha.

  2. This was a great post! I also track my projects myself, rather than with another program. I use Harvest to track my time and to invoice, but I have been slowly developing my own systems for the rest of it. Based on your post, I’m working on switching all the spreadsheets to Numbers–which I already had, but had never fully explored. I’m loving it! Thanks for this post, and for others like it. I love seeing how other organized people work. It’s so helpful!

  3. Adriana says:

    What incredible ideas! I honestly didn’t know you could color your labels in Gmail until now. I’ve been spending the last ten minutes color coding everything & it’s working fantastic. Thanks for the tips :)

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