It’s cold up here in Minnesota. Not as cold as it can be, so I won’t complain that much. However, I’m definitely looking forward to sprint time … when all the flowers pop up everyone starts rolling down their windows. I also love that images above for their lighting. As of now, my office doesn’t get good light … at all. In fact, it’s a pretty dark space, being half underground and all. My goal for when I move to Minneapolis is to find an open space where I can set up my office. I’m talking loads of light, people!! So pretty.

Plus, how cute is this workspace?? Tons of personal touches … I’m digging it.

  1. Krissy says:

    Yesss… loads of light is key! I’ll get off my “I love winter!” love parade to declare a mini-love affair for spring and it’s glorious light!

    I feel ya on the dark living quarters. My apartment gets very little (if any, some days) natural light and it drives me BANANAS. It’s so depressing having to have the lights on just about 24/7.

  2. so ready for spring! bring on more sunshine & flowers!

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