walter the pup / breanna rose

This past weekend was a special ( and crazy ) one you guys. Michael and I got ourselves a new puppy!! His name is Walter. We’ve been talking about getting a dog for awhile now, but didn’t quite expect it to happen so fast. This upcoming winter was the goal, which would have allowed us plenty of time to get settled into our new house. But life doesn’t always work out as planned, does it?? After researching a few local breeders, I came across Walter, who also happened to be available and ready to go right away. Without much warning, I fell in love – and the next thing you know, Michael and I ( and my mom, too ) were driving up north to meet our potential pup.

walter the pup / breanna rosewalter the pup / breanna rose

When we got inside, Walter was busy playing around with another puppy getting adopted that very same day. But as soon as we picked him up, he melted into our arms and cuddled on the spot. I’m used to hyper puppies, so this was a nice surprise. We weren’t sure if we would come home with a puppy or not since it’s a huge decision, but we did. Just couldn’t help it. He was so docile + quiet the entire ride home and has fit right in and warmed up to us nicely.

On Friday evening, neither of us knew we would end our weekend with a new addition to the family … so needless to say, everything has gotten a bit crazy over here. With a bunch of huge house projects going on, maintaing a normal work schedule on top of training Walter has definitely been a challenge, but one that we’re up for. He makes up for the crazy, though, by sleeping ( or just hanging out ) next to me while I work during the day. I guess I have a new office mate, ehh?! Every morning I’ve been telling him it’s “time to go to work,” hoping that soon he’ll know what that means and hop right into my office.

walter the pup / breanna rose

And just in case you’re curious : Walter is a Morkie. Three quarters Maltese and one quarter Yorkie. Currently, he’s about 3.8 pounds, but will grow somewhere between 5-10 pounds! More likely on the higher end of that. I’m sure I’ll be sharing loads of photos on instagram, so, my apologies if that gets out of control. ;)

  1. Winny says:

    Oh my God, Walter’s too cute! How old is Walter? Say hello for Walter from me :)

  2. Oh my gosh he’s so adorable!! I just got a corgi a few months ago and though the training and getting used to each other part is a process in the beginning, I can say with confidence that getting a dog has been one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. :) I hope little Walt does the same for you!

    • breanna says:

      Awww, so sweet!! Glad to hear it’s going well for you. And although things can get tricky + crazy around here, he definitely makes up for it with cute things, ha.

  3. Breanna, I don’t think my hubby is going to be happy with you once I inform him that we’ll be getting a cute dog like Walter this weekend! ;)

  4. Rebecca says:

    Too cute – hello Walter! ;)

  5. alicia says:

    Way tooo cute. I really need to start some serious research on hypoallergenic dogs so my boyfriend doesn’t die.
    I got a puppy when I was 12 and he’s so special to me. I’ve always imagined having a dog, fingers crossed.
    Congrats on your new family addition :)

  6. KAIT says:

    Walter! What a CUTIE! Gosh, I am so excited for you guys, I too have been toying around with the idea of dog ownership for years now (although, the “perfect time” to adopt is always hard to gauge). Best of luck with your new best friend :) can’t wait to hear more about how puppy training goes for you two!

    • breanna says:

      That was our issue, too. I couldn’t decide when the “perfect” time would be. But at the end of the day, I just decided that I’d always be nervous and question whether it was the right time … so … he came home with us, ha!

  7. Annie says:

    I’ve been wanting a puppy for years and I finally got one last summer. It happened almost the same way for me as it did for you. I found him and fell in love and in the course of 2 weeks he was mine. My guy, Rufio, is a bit bigger than yours– already 110 lbs and just over a year old–but he is still very much a puppy and thinks he is a lap dog. I wouldn’t have traded anything for the experience of raising my own dog. Good luck to you and Walter! It will be hard but it is so great! Can’t wait to see all your pictures of him! :)

  8. Quyen says:

    He is sooo sweet looking. How cute! We have been talking about getting a dog too, but without a yard, it is hard for us to make the jump. Now that I am working from home, it would make it a lot easier though!

  9. savannah says:

    Oh my goodness Walter is adorable! (And matches your design aesthetics, too–he will look perfect in your new home!) We rescued a Westie mix this summer on short notice–I fell in love with his little online photo and two days later, we had convinced our landlord to let us have a dog and we’re driving five hours to meet him. I’m also a designer who works from home and I started telling him “let’s go to work,” too. Within a week, he was right by my side and couldn’t wait to jump in his “work bed.” He’s also a good reminder to take a break occasionally and go outside. Enjoy the company and the cuteness (and post photos of that precious face often)!

    • breanna says:

      I didn’t even notice how perfectly he will fit in with our decor, ha. YOU’RE SO RIGHT. :) And super cute your pup goes to work with you. I’ve got a little bit going next to me as well, which he sleeps in. Just gets restless sometimes. But you’re right, puppies @ work are a great reminder to take a break and just go outside. So far, that’s been pretty nice!

  10. Kory says:

    That is so awesome!i have been dying to get a beagle pup for a while now, but we decided to put that off until we’re settled somewhere a little more permanent. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  11. Andrea says:

    On my god Bre, not only is he adorable but Walter is probably the best. name. ever. So precious! Congratulations!! He is going to bring you so many wonderful moments and great memories I’m sure!

  12. Laura says:

    Holy cuteness!!! I’m dying!! This post brings me right back to when I brought Alphonse (my corgi) home. He was not quite and calm though! Haha. He was (and still is) a bundle of energy.

    • breanna says:


      WELL, as the days go on and Walter becomes a little more used to his new home, he is beginning to show hyper puppy signs. SO, didn’t last long, haha. ;)

  13. Kaitlyn says:

    OHMYGOODNESS!!!! I don’t think that anything could be more adorable. Aren’t puppies the greatest thing in the world? I can’t stop “awww”ing.
    P.S. And what a perfect name :)

  14. Eleonora says:

    I’m melting for cuteness overload!

  15. anni says:

    for pete’s sake I LOVE HIM. muuuuuust make it out to the burbs for a visit!

  16. Congratulations on the new puppy! You’re guaranteed a lifetime of joy and snuggles now! I just got a puppy in April and have been chronicling the adventures here: He’s incredibly rambunctious and mischievous so snuggling is pretty rare (lucky you!) and he definitely keeps me busy, but he also adds a lot of happiness and joy to my life. Have fun! (By the way, I’m a tad jealous that you’ll forever be able to hold that little guy. My pup is 7 months old and 60 pounds so gone are the days of carrying him around!)

  17. Danielle says:

    Oh my freaking god, Walter is adorable! Love pups with people names, too :) My first was a cocker spaniel, Jason.

  18. em says:

    I LOVE HIM. post so may pics please and thanks.

  19. Kate says:

    Walter is SO cute! It’s too bad we don’t live closer- my parents just got a Bichon puppy (he’s also 10 weeks, his name is Griffin) we could have puppy play dates! :)

  20. Jade says:

    Oh my gosh, what a sweetheart!

  21. Mailinh says:

    He is such a cutie pie!!!

  22. Oh man, I love Walter!! Good thinking bringing him home with you (how could you not!)

  23. Emma Irene says:

    Oh my goodness, he’s adorable! And he looks remarkably like the dog my fiance and I just adopted 3 weeks ago, Charlie, a Shih Tzu/Terrier mix (we think – he’s a 5-year-old rescue from a puppy mill). I can absolutely relate to what you’re going through – we also just moved and I’m in the midst of decorating/organizing and helping Charlie get comfortable. I’m sure Walter will quickly learn “time to go to work” – I was astounded at how quickly Charlie learned “outside” and “bedtime”. He has become such a wonderful addition to our family, and it just melts my heart when I come home to see his sweet face so excited to see me!

  24. Melanie says:

    Dying. So cute! But can we just talk about your eyelashes for a second?! THEY’RE SO LONG AND THICK!

  25. Laci says:

    I love this! In college I received a yorkie-poo (yorkie and poodle) but ended up having to send him home to live with my grandma (she loves dogs) since my rent would jump super high if I kept him in my apartment. She’s spoiled him to death so I let her keep him. Now (a few years later) I want a puppy friends say I have ‘dog syndrome’ because I droll at every dog I see (now yours). Can’t wait for more Walter post.

  26. Aah, every talented designer and blogger I’m currently following is getting a puppy ! How come, all at once ?! And the funny thing they all seem to be at least a bit maltese. Maybe maltese IS the key to cuteness !
    I’ll try to remember that when I’ll stop moving so much and settle in one city. Until then it’s unfortunately not reasonable to get a dog…

  27. Natalia says:

    Awww, he is soo cute! Love him.

  28. Fenne says:

    He’s so cute! I’m looking forward to tons of puppy-photo’s!
    Enjoy this time of cuteness, they grow so fast! Our ‘ puppy’ is almost 7 months now, and it feels like last week that we got her :-)
    You never see them growing so I started photographing her week after week, and now I still take a photograph a month with the same setup.

  29. Sally says:

    Oh my gosh, he is absolutely gorgeous, and so so so cute! I sooooo want a dog right now, but will have to wait until we move out of central London. Hope he settles in ok!

  30. NUVEA says:

    We love the Walter! Congratulations!

  31. Cassie says:

    Holy crap, Walter is ADORABLE. Ever since moving in with my boyfriend, I’ve been obsessed with puppies and the idea of getting one. We’re nowhere near ready (we need jobs first—ha!), but one day… one day.

  32. Missy says:

    Walter is perfection! I can personally attest that dogs can bring so much joy to your life and are a true extension of family :) congrats on your new home and little furry babe!

  33. trina says:

    congrats on your new pup… he is so darling!
    xo . t

  34. TAHITI says:

    it’s so flufffffyyyyy!

    wow. such a cutie.

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