Happy monday everyone! I have a favor to ask you all … I’ve created a quick 7 question survey about a service i’m interested in offering : affordable quality designed wordpress templates. After receiving countless emails asking about my own blog layout + inquiries for wordpress themes, I’ve decided to ( highly ) consider it. Often times, new bloggers or small companies can’t quite take the plunge into getting a custom website right away. Although I’m a firm believer in making your business unique to YOUR brand, I understand that something like that is a huge investment and not always attainable from the start.

With that said, I’ve been researching / planning on offering wordpress templates with design in mind. If you want to be proud of your little space on the internet, but need to wait a bit to take the full blown custom route, perhaps this is something you’d consider?? Click the image below to take the survey!



I promise, this is an extremely short survey. I’m interested in a few key things to see if this is something I should continue to work on / plan. And beyond that, what sort of themes you would all be interested in! OH! And don’t worry, you don’t need to sign in or sign up for anything. This is an anonymous survey. All feedback is welcome & appreciated. Thank you!

  1. Ciara says:

    Would you consider having limited quantities of the designs, similar to blogmilk? I like that idea just to ensure that not everyone in the world shares the same ones.

    • bre says:

      Yup, you read my mind! I didn’t mention that – but it’s something I’m definitely considering. :)

  2. Ciara says:

    I think it’s a great idea, Bre! I already said that in the survey! :)

  3. twiggs says:

    loved the whole idea and as ciara i also enjoy even more the fact that each design would be limited. this makes your customers even more proud of what they bought! it’s a matter of style! already answered the survey as well!

  4. Kim says:

    Nice idea, Bre! I took the survey too, I think you’ve got a good thing going here.

  5. Xixia says:

    I like that you kept to your “short” guarantee, Bre. :) Just completed the survey!
    Anyways, I think this is a terrific idea – your designs are all so clean and elegant, I’m sure you’d get a lot of business if you do this. And the limited design sounds perfect for what you do, and that way, they can kind of make their brand their own.

    ♥ xixia

  6. Thando says:

    I took the survey even though I’m on the Blogger platform, I think its great that you would offer template.
    Please consider blogger templates as well. I love your design.

  7. Great idea – I would even be one of the wordpress guinea pigs who would consider it!! Happily just surveyed :)

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