A couple weeks ago, I wrote about some tips for using twitter … but here’s the thing, I left out a few tips + logistics I still wanted to talk about. The main thing being: WHO sees what??

It actually took me quite some time to figure out this loophole in twitter: your followers won’t see absolutely everything you tweet. Although most people do know about this, I know I was blown away when I finally figured it out – so I thought I’d share it just in case a few of you hadn’t heard yet.

So let’s go back to the phrase: your followers won’t see absolutely everything you tweet. Fact. The reason for this has to do with how you START your 140 character tweet. Let’s say you want so say something cool about “@someone.” So you tweet the following: @someone has great tips about twitter on their blog today! Now, only your followers who are ALSO following @someone will see the tweet. Because you began your tweet with a twitter handle, that’s simply the rule. If one of your followers is not following @someone, your tweet will never show up in their feed. Meaning, important things can go unread. I’ve seen many people on twitter do this sort of thing and have wanted to say something to help out … but it’s a bit hard to explain in such a short sentence, right??

But guess what, it’s an easy fix! If you want ALL of your followers to see a tweet about someone, simply rephrase your tweet so that the twitter handle ( ie: @someone ) falls somewhere in the middle of your tweet rather than the beginning. Oftentimes, people will put a period in front of the twitter handle if they REALLY want to start the tweet off with someone’s name. For example: .@someone has great tips about twitter on their blog today!

Keep this rule in mind when you’re having long conversations with people on twitter, re-tweeting, or tweeting in general. It’s definitely something to keep in mind!

  1. Lora says:

    Love your site. Thanks for posting! So awesome!

  2. Danelle says:

    I always see people do this too and it drives me insane! Haha. I never use a full stop before it though, that annoys me too. :P I just re-phrase my tweet. Put a ‘YEAHBOI’ in front of it or something hahaha.

  3. Wow, are you flippin serious?? This is amazing advice. Thank you, Bre :)

  4. This is GREAT! Actually didn’t know this and I’ve been tweeting for almost 6 months now. Can’t imagine how weird my tweets must seem to my followers. lol

  5. Carla says:

    Thanks for the tips, which I just found through a comment on Twitter :)

  6. Caroline says:

    what?!! I had no idea about that at all!! Where have I been, under a rock or something? Thanks Bre

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  8. Allie says:

    Really late into this game, I’m so glad I came across this! This is quite relevant since I’ve been thinking if I should make a separate account for my blog or just keep my personal one. At least I know people who follow me don’t see most of my @replies to my friends haha.

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