andy warhol wallpaper / breanna rose

I was looking through Andy Warhol quotes the other day and found this one. “I like boring things.” I laughed at first, but then realized I could relate in all sorts of ways to this simple thought. It’s true. Boring doesn’t have to be a negative thing – and I think Warhol is a great example of that. His work was somewhat abstract, repetitive, and simple at its core … yet so many people were / are drawn to it, including myself. It takes true talent for “boring” to become exciting. Eh?? Kinda tricky to think about, but I love it. So naturally, this wallpaper is simple. And because of that, it may possibly be my personal favorite yet. At least it can make a stressful day feel more lighthearted. Feel free to download + enjoy via the links below :

2560 x 1440 / 1680 x 1050 / 1440 x 900 / 1280 x 800 / IPAD / IPHONE

  1. Noor says:

    So Pretty thank you :)

  2. Skye says:

    Hey, I just have to say, I always look forward to these desktop designs. I have downloaded quite a few. You are so talented and I love your style! Thanks!

  3. giulia says:

    i love this quote! also because andy warhol, to me, is the least boring person i can think of. the fact that he took the most common things and turned them into such fun and beautiful art makes him quite talented:)

  4. ha ha I did the same, I laughed at first and then thought, gosh I love boring things too.
    Thanks for sharing. Xo. Elba

  5. Tarra says:

    Hilarious! I love it!

  6. Monica says:

    My new desktop! Love the colors.

  7. Shirsha says:

    This is anything but boring! :) Thanks for another great wallpaper!

  8. KAIT says:

    this is awesome! i totally relate – thanks for the share

  9. Blanca says:

    absolutely lovely. thanks :)

  10. alicia says:

    New favourite!! I’m a huge Warhol fan and lovin this wallpapper, time to download!!

  11. Latrina says:

    Hah! I love this — and it’s so, so true too.

  12. estherjulee says:

    :) thanks for the new desktop wallpaper!

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