Free Wallpaper | Gratitude | By Breanna Rose

It’s a short week and apparently I’m already procrastinating. This morning I woke up, took one look at my inbox, and decided I wasn’t ready. Instead, I buddied up with illustrator and practiced going outside of my box. I have this collection of scans on my computer that I thought could be put to good use. I paired some black & white clippings with the phrase “gratitude changes everything” and bam – free wallpaper for you guys!! Feel free to download + enjoy below. Now, off to the emails.

  1. Allison says:

    love this, bre! i had a kooky prof in college that assigned a project that required producing many, many avant garde/abstract scans. i was a downer about it at the time – mandatory daily scanning loses its appeal after a week – but that folder of files on my desktop is still my go-to if i need filler images with cool colors, textures, ambiguity, etc. definitely an interesting exercise!

  2. Brittany says:

    Love this! Such a great reminder to have in front of me every day :)

  3. Ah! I think this is my favorite desktop you’ve ever posted :) to the iPhone it goes! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Breanna ! What a brilliant idea to use scans !
    Oh God, now I have so many ideas for Christmas wrappings and gift tags ! Youuuuh !
    Thank you !

  5. vv says:

    such a beautiful idea & execution of it. thank you for sharing, breanna!

  6. Danielle says:

    I agree with Tara – definitely my favourite!!

  7. Kory says:

    This is so cool. Maybe it’s procrastinating, but it’s always good to just make something for the heck of it!

  8. Kristin B says:

    Aaaaand, immediately on my desktop. I love everything about this! The collage-feel and most of all, the sentiment!

  9. maddie says:

    Love this Breanna! Thanks!

  10. Haha! Brilliant, I’ve just created a gratitude desktop as a ‘practice project’. Weird coincidence. Although they look nothing alike. Mine’s is pink and very minimal. Love the collage-y feel of this and the use of the capital G. xo

  11. Vanessa says:

    Really love this one Bre!!! The style is great.


  12. PEARLSPEAK says:

    this wallpaper is PERFECT! would you mind if I shared it on a segment on my blog called “the sauce”? I just share a series of links to cool things I admired on the internet during that week – usually published on Saturdays :)

  13. Thanks, Breanna!! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  14. Kodi says:

    I don’t think I’ve had my own background on my computer once in the last year since I found your site — and I currently have one of yours on my iPhone too. Thanks for graciously sharing them, they are enjoyed so!

  15. Thank you for sharing. Love it, brightens up a work day!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I downloaded this wallpaper last week and have been loving it since! Thanks for sharing!

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