wantlist / nourishing

For this week’s wantlist, I pictured a nourishing lifestyle … full of quality and warmth. And this is what I found! A mix of simplicity, texture, and little bits of pop. And guess what?? I’m pretty serious about this wishlist. You know, just dreaming about my future home and what we’d put in it. As usual, you can browse through these items and even find more goodies via the links below :

bracelet / throw / backpack / vases / pots / earrings / scarf / pot-holder / cardigan

  1. these are right up my alley, great round-up bre! love those vases, the earrings, and that cozy throw blanket…

  2. I’ve always wanted a window sill with all different colored bottles! I love the knapsack!!

  3. these are beautiful items!

  4. Lo says:

    Those pots have great details.

  5. Chantelle says:

    Those glass bottles, that tin plant holder! <3

  6. Sally says:

    love this wishlist! it looks so warm and cosy!
    i adore those earrings, and that throw too. nice finds :)

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