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So, am I crazy for making this week’s wantlist feature floral prints … everywhere?? Eh. Well, I love a good floral print and couldn’t help myself from finding some goodies to share with you all!! Also, I think this is a cry for summer on my end. The good news is I’ll be heading to Florida in just 12 days and I 100% have my eye on this suit from Anthropologie. I just can’t decide if I should splurge or not? Here are the rest of my picks :

swim suit / shorts / print / shirt / dress / backpack / shoes / bow / clips

  1. Chloe Moon says:

    What a beautiful wish list! I love that bathing suit and those hair clips!! =) Have fun planning and shopping for Florida!

  2. Dena says:

    oh THOSE shorts! THAT bathing suit! so gorgeous. also, thanks for the email yesterday — totally makes sense. wish me luck. ;)

  3. Kodi says:

    Goodness they’re all so pretty. Fairly confident I’ll be adding floral shorts to my summer wardrobe this year.

  4. Megan says:

    I love a good floral! A definite sign that spring is almost here!

  5. TOTALLY worth the splurge.

  6. Laura Lee says:

    Absolutely obsessed with floral this season, especially that swimsuit and those shorts! You definitely deserve to splurge for your beach vacay, everyone deserves to treat their selves every now and then.

    I am a new follower to your blog and I must say that you are such an inspiration. I am currently thinking about starting my own freelance business on the side and your words of wisdom and creative endurance spark my passion each and every day. Thank you for bringing so much design-joy into my life. You rock!

    • breanna says:

      Hey Laura,
      Thank you SO much for your sweet words. :) I’m happy to hear you’re thinking about diving into freelance and glad that some of what I say has helped. Take care and have a great weekend!

  7. Joy @ OSS says:

    This kind of floral print is the absolute best for spring. So pretty!

  8. those hair clips are so adorable!

  9. Megan says:

    I’ve been dying for those Madewell floral keds for SO long!

  10. Monica says:

    It’s that time of the year again.. to bring our those crazy floral prints! I love how these are more gentle and wearable than some I’ve been seeing around lately. That bikini is my favorite! The bow tie is really cute, too.

  11. Anna says:

    I’ve been eyeing those Keds for a while, so good! And go for the swimsuit, super cute :)

  12. alicia says:

    how can you ever go wrong with florals? I have an entire pintrest board dedicated to florals!! Love this wantlist, my favourite one yet!

  13. Jade Sheldon says:

    I love a good floral print too. And I think you should totally splurge… that suit is so chic!

  14. Mikey F. says:

    That bow tie is TOO MUCH.


  15. Lisa says:

    I am in love with those hairpins, Anthro comes up with so many great hair accessories. I loved when they had the jeweled bugs. Floral prints are a must for spring, and I can’t wait to finally wear some.

    Mostly Lisa

  16. Latrina says:

    You can’t go wrong with floral! :) Lovely for this spring too… <3

    I am especially loving the back-pack!

  17. katherine says:

    Oh girl. Yo crazy flowers got me salivatin. Oh spriiiiiing! It’s almost here!



  18. Amber says:

    Wow! I love all of these. Especially that dress in the middle.

  19. Ciara says:

    I got that Madewell shirt and it is seriously the softest and cutest thing ever. I love it!

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