Wantlist #22 | Warm Up | Curated by Breanna Rose

As we prepare ourselves for winter ( ya, it’s coming!! ) in the upper midwest, I can’t help but long for layers and blankets and candles and everything that is warm. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never truly looked forward to the cold temperatures + snowy nights. It was just one of those things that I became accustomed to here in Minnesota, year after year. But somehow, everything feels different this year. For example, one week BEFORE halloween, I found myself in the Christmas garland section in Michael’s and got all sorts of happy. It was weird. And early. But I’m ready. Hello sweaters and evenings by the fire. I’m fully prepared to wrap myself in endless blankets and eat all of the warm things in sight.

  1. Charlotte says:

    Loving that bagpack and that wooden board. Lovely picks!
    It’s already getting cold here in England, and sweaters are now much needed. I love this time of year!

  2. Natalie says:

    So warm and cozy. Great picks, especially the Human Being Journal (love their description!). I’m not a Christmas person, but like you, I love all the warm things and feelings that come with it :)

    • breanna says:

      Yes! I actually have the Human Being Journal on my coffee table and it’s a pretty little thing to look at, too. :)

  3. Angel Y. says:

    LOVE love those plates. What a great find! I’ve found as I’ve gotten older I am loving colder weather more. It just reminds me to spend more time indoors with some of my favorite people.

  4. Anna-Rosa says:

    I feel exactly the same this year. I remember my self hating people preparing for Christmas before even December starts, and yet here I am craving for Christmas decoration and snow! Lovely picks Breanna :-)

  5. Anni says:

    I’m kind of feeling the same. I’m still hating the weather and the grey skies, but I’m excited for the cozy up under a throw, sit by the fire, hosting Christmas Eve part of the holidays.

  6. Marijn says:

    Such a great pillow slip! & the backpack looks really cool as well.

    I also find myself longing for weather that will permit me to wear lots of layers and cuddle up on the couch under a blanket, drinking tea and reading a good book.

  7. Chelsea says:

    Can i please just have everything on this wishlist?

  8. It’s also maybe because you finally have a place that is truly your own. When you have a nice and cozy place where you feel at home and at ease it’s also easier to consider long winter evenings where you don’t necessarily need to go outside. Yes to candles everywhere and blanket forts !

  9. Jade says:

    I’m going mad for thick jumpers & cardigans here in England now as I can say it is officially cold here!

  10. Julia says:

    Ooooh. Gorgeous! I may or may not be adding that light to my Christmas wish list…and possible that board as well….

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