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I’ve been asking myself what the future of blogging looks like a LOT lately, without ever coming up with a solid answer. And the truth is, I’m not sure. I have no idea what it will be like for me, for you, for that other favorite blogger of yours, two months – or even one year from now. For awhile, I’ve felt a shift in this world. There are a lot of us doing great things and constantly coming up with new + great ideas, which is exactly what prompted my question from the get go. I know my own thoughts are mixed in with a little self-doubt and worry, but really, I’m mostly excited to see what happens! SO, how do you think things will change? I would love to hear your take in the comment section. And then, as a little pretty please, I came up with a short survey that I would love for you to take, especially if you stop by regularly! It’s a very general survey, where I finish off by asking what you’d like to see more of. Please, do tell. I truly want to know.

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  1. It is true, we readers and even bloggers have our favourite bloggers, but this little top 3 blogs we admire can switch and evolve. But the thing is, blogging about design, and especially freelancing is a niche, a niche that you share with other bloggers like Eva Black, Emma Dime, the Veda House etc, but there’s not an endless number of bloggers like in fashion. + you took a little bit a position of teacher / adviser with some your articles, therefore, you bring something special to your readers that they can’t find anywhere else on their other daily reads. And for that I think in future in the blogging world is more than safe, it’s gonna develop even more.

    • breanna says:

      Thank you thank you! I think that’s my favorite part about blogging here, too, is the teaching aspect. I’ve never considered myself a professional at that by any means, but I love the discussion it creates. xx.

  2. hey, Breanna!
    I’ve been reading and following up on your blog for quite some time now, even though somewhat on the low-key. your sense of visual aesthetics is just awe-striking and so inspiring and I cannot stop sighing for everything you post here. in that sense, keep doing what you’re doing and don’t be afraid to take chances. is not that you haven’t been doing exactly that so far, but still, it’s 2014—what can we expect? oh, yes, that IS your question :) well, I’d love to see even more tricks & tips for bloggers, they’ve inspired me a lot and I’m just sad for not being able to do more of the things you share with us, or work more on those.

    so, really, just keep doing what you’re doing, ’cause you do it so well :)
    all the best. X

  3. Kory says:

    You know, it’s interesting that you say that because I was reflecting on blogging in general a lot this week ( one part of that being whether or not to cut back on posting ). Part of what sparked that for me was Liz Franco’s tweet on how a ton of bloggers have shifted their content from more personal posts and inspiration to blogging and business 101. It caught my eye because I find myself doing just that this month. She’s absolutely right though, even new blogs that I’m seeing are sharing these types of posts. However, for me, it’s tough to find the balance in sharing tips and advice and personal life ( without sharing too much ). I’d love to hear your thoughts on that and where you think blogging is going! :)

    • breanna says:

      Yup, I totally agree! A lot of people are moving down the “original content” road, which I think is great. I think that as long as we have a personality and unique voice, that can help create the space we want. But honestly, I don’t know where the blogging world is going. I do think it will just keep getting original, but who knows what that means exactly. I’m excited to see. :)

    • Liz says:

      Glad my tweet sparked some internal dialogue with you, Kory! It’s definitely an interesting shift I’ve noticed. I guess I just miss the “good ol’ days” of blogging when everyone supported each other’s stories and didn’t get so caught up in the matter-of-fact-ness of it all. Like everyone else, I’m curious to see where the future of blogging is headed!

  4. cara lynne says:

    A lot of people are saying that blogs are dying, but that’s soooo not the case. A lot of types of blogs (style, personal, aggregate/inspiration) are switching to mostly instagram/pinterest/twitter, that’s for sure. But for blogs with a specific focus (food, parenting, home renovation, etc.) I don’t think much has changed, except that there are so many more outlets to share your content with. I think if a blogger is looking to keep blogging and be relevant to reader, they have to come with personality, unique content, and a story that makes people want to do more than just pin it and forget it.

    I’ve been loving your freelance & life lessons writing, very inspiring and keeps me coming back!

    • breanna says:

      Yes yes yes, I agree with you! With pinterest and instagram being so visual, there really isn’t a need to blog about visual inspiration AS MUCH as there was before. And thank you for your sweet words – – I plan to continue writing about freelancing, my experience, and life lessons for a long while! xx.

  5. JenHoney says:

    I have no idea what the future holds, but I sincerely hope that somehow it involves more interaction and engagement. With Facebook and Pinterest and such, we’ve become accustomed to absorbing information by rapidly scrolling through imagery and occasionally giving a click of acknowledgement. I applaud you for simply being able to compel me and others to slow down enough to read and comment. That’s an incredibly difficult thing to do.

    • breanna says:

      Thank you SO much. And for being willing to comment – – I truly appreciate it and love the discussion this space can create. :)

  6. Jin says:

    I read your blog every day – kudos to you for keeping it up and interesting! Also took your survey. :)

  7. Completed the survey :) I really love everything you do on here, Breanna! Honestly, I think you’re one of those who comes up with the new + great ideas! I love that you focus on certain things to share with us, I always know what I’m getting when I come to Breanna Rose. AND when you come up with something new, you’re so good at keeping it aligned on your brand and vision. Thank you for always inspiring us!

  8. Kateri says:

    Survey done! :)

  9. Savannah says:

    Completed the survey as well! I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your Be Free, Lance and Creative Diaries posts. I am a teen studying in New York who adores graphic design to pieces, and getting to see a behind-the-scenes perspective is so motivating; it humanizes a process that viewers don’t often get the privilege to see. Your blog is my favorite and your work is just gorgeous. Thank you!!

  10. Irene says:

    Your authentic and honest approach to writing is so refreshing and I’m sure what ever you do in the future you’ll carry that tone. You’re an advisor for all kinds of creative professionals/freelancers (not just graphic designers) and I think your insight for creative business is the common denominator of almost all your columns and posts. I’ve been contemplating starting an advice/insight column called “The Creative Biz” on my blog but I just don’t think I’m there yet in experience (maybe soon!). However, this is TOTALLY something you could tap into. Maybe eventually extend that brand into online courses and workshops through SkillShare? Okay…the business undergrad in me is analyzing way too hard, ha. Where ever you decide to take your blog I’m sure it will be awesome!

  11. Jess says:

    Breanna! I love your posts, especially the ones about freelance and your mood boards. As a new freelancer, it is always so helpful to read tips and insight from someone who has been in the industry longer. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  12. Zoe says:

    I agree with previous commenters who have mentioned having a relatable story and being able to tell it well, and sharing useful information/ teaching, for sure. More than blogging disappearing or mutating in some way, I think the oversaturation is going to lead to a focus on where the really great original content is coming from, which is usually people who are in it for the “right” reasons and because they just like doing it. I also think design and attention to the tiny details are going to continue to make a huge difference in setting apart the blogs that people want to return to.

  13. Angel Y. says:

    I love the state that blogging is headed among creative professionals because it encourages us to start breaking taboos and get real about being creative entrepreneurs. I love having discussions about design, trends, and business and it’s fun to see more of this happening now. Survey done :)

  14. Maddie says:

    I think in the beginning of blogging, everyone was trying to do everything. Because it was a new phenomenon, bloggers posted style inspirations, design tips, DIYs, recipes, etc. As it has evolved, I think the blogging world has become more niche and I also think it will continue to go in this direction. I believe that blogging now is about building a loyal community around one focus , subject, etc. I also think that bloggers have to go outside the realm of their blogs (publishing, hosting workshops, etc) if in order to make a decent living.

  15. great discussions!! i wonder if people are more focused on social media right now (i.e. the shift towards that)…but i don’t know. I’ve been thinking about this for the past year or so because the world is already so different than when i seriously joined 4 years ago. its like there is less focus out there, people are just running around commenting to get comments, etc. less connection i guess…i feel like it can all be very fake just so that other people get more followers. Its a little disheartening so I’ve adjusted I guess and will just keep doing what I want to do!

  16. Hi again, Breanna :)

    Well, I was thinking, for instance, on communication & promotion of your blog. I feel it’s such an important part of blogging, being out there and show people what you’re doing and not expect people to find it naturally, because it can never happen, right? You know, something like that, but not only that, of course! :)
    Thank you for taking the time to reply to everyone!

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