When people ask me what my favorite color is, I respond with “white.” The next question is almost always “why?!” My answer? “White space.” It’s probably because I’m way too obsessed with modern design, but I don’t care. I just love the combination of white + pops of color so much, it’s ridiculous.

So, when I stumbled upon the home of Benjamin Bergh, there’s no doubt that I made mental notes for quite some time, coveting each little detail. I’ve never really had a space with light as good as this. You could say I’m slightly jealous.

  1. athena p says:

    white+pops of color=perfection. (being the rebel that I am…I kind of love a dirty white. Not quite pristine. A little creamier.)

  2. Amanda says:

    My favorite is white, too. You should see my apartment right now. It’s a white out!

  3. oooh I love that stack of books with the pages facing outward. What a clean look!!!

  4. Colette says:

    White can be pretty if put together with colorful or black furnitures and items. But if the focus is mainly on the white decor, i tend to not really like it as it is too plain and easy to get stains on. But white designs make a room more sophisticated. More chic. Less messy.

  5. MOXEE says:

    […] I shared pictures of Benjamin Bergh’s home this past monday, but upon further investigation, I discovered that he has quite an eye for photography! I’m specifically drawn to his food photography, which has a certain look and feel to it that I enjoy loads. I don’t know about you, but it makes me wish I could dive straight into the pictures and eat everything. (benjamin bergh) 0 Click here to cancel reply. […]

  6. Krissy says:

    Preachin’ to the choir, dude! White is the BEST colour. And for all those people who roll their eyes at us for saying white is our favourite colour… a ge-faw!

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