These images by Nische remind me of the here & now. Our winter has been mostly mucky and slushy, with the ocassional ice covered trees or dusting of snow. It has no doubt been pretty off this year, but I don’t mind NOT trudging through a foot of snow. Yup!

The photographs you see up there come from one of the most simplistic blogs I’ve ever seen. My attention span is close to zero, folks, and this blog kept me hooked for a solid ten minutes. Trust me, that’s good! Click here to scroll through her blog, captured with such a keen eye for the details of her lifestyle. I promise, it’s beautiful!

  1. Laura Belle says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m also a freelancer here in little MPLS and I just came across your site via Kendi on twitter. Gorgeous work! You’ve got a great aesthetic going. Looking forward to keeping up!

    • bre says:

      what!? another mpls local, yesss! hello. :) just took a look through your stuff and you’ve got some talent, lady! glad to know you’re around here.

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